Summer Hmong Program 2021

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Medical Hmong 

This online course is designed for students and working professionals interested in learning the Hmong language in relation to the medical field, including but not limited to:

  1. General phrases of greetings and introductions used in interpersonal settings.
  2. Conversational Hmong, geared towards medical topics.
  3. Medical terminology and cultural expressions relating to health and culture.

No prior Hmong language background is required and there are no course prerequisites. While effective communication is essential in all fields of work, it is especially vital in the medical field. This online medical Hmong language course provides opportunities for students to learn and understand Hmong. Emphasis will be on key phrases, vocabulary, and cultural nuances related to the medical field. The course will provide a foundation for speaking, reading, writing, and listening comprehension for individuals interested in working with Hmong-speaking patients, clients, and others in the medical field. Students will have opportunities to learn and apply materials to real-world case scenarios and situations in the medical field.

Course Number

Medical Hmong - HMNG 1013
3 credits 
Dates: June 7 - July 2, 2021
Required language skills: none; no pre-requisites. 

Who Will Be My Instructor?

Bee Vang-Moua is the Director of Hmong Language Instruction in the Department of Asian & Middle Eastern Studies. She is also a part of the Hmong Women Leadership cohorts in the Twin Cities. Bee led the Moua Women Cohort to China in 2016, the Summer 2018 Hmong Language Immersion & Culture in China, and the Summer 2019 Hmong Language & Cultural Immersion in Thailand. Read more about her experiences here


How to Register

UMN students register for summer in the same manner they register for any other semester. Summer registration opens for current UMN students on February 25. 

Non-UMN students register as "non-degree seeking students" through the College of Continuing and Professional Studies. Follow these steps to complete your registration as a non-degree seeking student. Registration for non-degree seeking students opens on March 4. 


Have Questions?

Contact Bee Vang-Moua at


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