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AMES 3672 - Buddhism

This course provides an overview of the Buddhist religion, from the teachings of the historical Buddha in ancient India to the development of global Buddhism in the 21st century. Topics include: the concepts of early Buddhism; the development of Theravada Buddhism in southeast Asia; Mahayana Buddhism in China, Korea, and Japan; the rise of the Zen movement; Tibetan Buddhism; Buddhism in literature and art; and Buddhism in America. This course satisfies the Liberal Education requirement in Global Perspectives. 

Course Details 

3 credits. This course is delivered asynchronously online between June 3 - June 28. 

Instructor: Morgan Rouzer is a Professor in the Department of Asian & Middle Eastern Studies. Their areas of study include traditional East Asian poetry and poetics (with particular attention to medieval China), Buddhism and its relation to pre-modern and modern literature, and classical Chinese literary traditions in Japan.

For inquiries about the course, please email Professor Rouzer at [email protected] or call (612) 626-1486.


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