Summer Chinese Program 2024

Great Wall of China

Complete an entire year of Modern Chinese study in only ten weeks. The Chinese Program offers an intensive version of its year-round Modern Chinese courses to strengthen proficiency in speaking, listening, writing, and reading. On-campus intensive summer Chinese instruction has been offered at the University of Minnesota at two levels for more than 15 years. Within the Chinese Program, you will find the Chinese Flagship program, one of twelve Flagship programs in the nation. We are training the nation’s most qualified students in the area of Chinese studies.


Courses (taught online in Summer 2024) 

Beginning Modern Chinese I and II - CHN 1011 - 1012 (10 credits for 10 weeks) 

Beginning Modern Chinese for Graduate Research I and II - CHN 4001-4002 (10 credits for 10 weeks)

Intermediate Modern Chinese I and II - CHN 3021-3022 (10 credits for 10 weeks)

Intermediate Modern Chinese for Graduate Research I and II - CHN 4003-4004 (10 credits for 10 weeks)

Mondays through Fridays:

June 3 - July 5: 9:05 am – 12:20 pm, followed by July 8 - August 9: 9:05 am – 12:05 pm 


Who Will Be Your Instructor?

Summer courses are taught by our regular Chinese language instructors. We expose students to different teaching styles and slightly different regional accents, through a standardized curriculum. 


What Can You Do after Training?

Students can do a lot! The following are some of the speaking projects from CHN 1011 students, after only 5 weeks of Chinese language training.

Speaking Project 1

Speaking Project 2

Final Speaking Projects (After 5 weeks of Chinese training)


Have Questions?

Email Dr. Yufen Chang with inquiries about the Chinese summer language courses at [email protected].

Mountains in China